Mille S.r.l. manufactures a wide range of industrial screws in various sizes and types. Thanks to the experience of our Technical Staff, we also manufacture custom projects based on the specific needs of the Customer.

Screws are primarily used to transport inert materials, cement, powders, sands, etc., but they are also used for managing solid refuse and in the agricultural sector.

Mille s.r.l. products are built in modules of various sizes and are thus suitable for different load capacities.

Screws can be made in painted or galvanized steel, or in stainless steel; they are thus perfectly suitable for all industrial environments.


Tube Screw

Large Size Screw


Trough Screw

Mille s.r.l.

Mille s.r.l. is specialized in the design and manufacture of complete components and machines for the transport of bulk materials.

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