Sleeve Filters and Dryer Cylinders


Sleefve Filters represent the ideal solution for the industrial dust extraction and filtration. Mille S.r.l. offers a wide range of products based on the needs and environments where air needs to be treated.

Sleeve filters, in mild steel and stainless steel, are a new design; sleeves can be replaced from both inside and outside the filters itself.

If requested, filters can also be insulated.


Mille S.r.l. manufactures steel dryer cylinders in various diameters and lenghts for various types of products.

The innovative technology employed in the construction, allows the creation of dryer cylinders suitable for processing concrete, inert materials and muds that can be integrated in crushing plants or land reclamation.

Mille s.r.l.

Mille s.r.l. is specialized in the design and manufacture of complete components and machines for the transport of bulk materials.

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